Home / Advanced Microblading Course

Extensive Theory Topics

  • Preparation of Work Conditions
  • Critical Hygiene Importance
  • Conversation with the Client
  • The Legal Aspects
  • Disinfection and Sterilization (Hygiene Standards)
  • Hair Stroke Fundamentals
  • Manual Microblading/Micropigmentation Method
  • Microblading Tools and Needles
  • Color Theory and Pigments
  • Anesthesia
  • The Anatomy of the Skin
  • Contraindications
  • Customer Service, Marketing
  • Factors Affecting Pigment Survivability

Brow and Fundamental Stroke Creation

  • Understanding Facial Structure
  • Brow Mapping and Symmetry, Extraction Methods
  • Perfect Shape Drawing Using a Ruler
  • Different Hair Stroke Patterns (Learn various techniques for custom brow creation)

 Day 1 TrainingMicroblading Stroke Fundamentals and Eyebrow MappingTime: 9am to 5pm (Lunch Included)

Color Theory Workshop

  • Color theory and understanding pigments
  • Skin undertones and color correction

Brow and Fundamental Stroke Creation

  • Understanding facial structure, brow mapping, and symmetry
  • Eyebrow design exercises
  • Perfect shape drawing using a ruler
  • “Brows made simple” stroke technique breakdown
  • Different hair stroke patterns (Various techniques for custom brow creation. Step by step strokes schemes.)


Day 2 TrainingStroke and Shape Practice & Machine Ombre Fundamentals


Time: 9am to 5pm (Bring your own lunch)

Lecture and Activity Exercises

  • Mapping exercises to build eyebrows
  • Analyzing and creating various brows 
  • Perfecting stroke patterns on latex and stroke depth
  • Second pass stroke practice

Introduction to Ombré Powder Brows

  • The importance of the PERIMETER 
  • Shading techniques, correct tool positioning, and correct hand positioning
  • Top rules for creating great HEALED Ombré results
  • Second pass stroke practice (tracing original strokes without going outside lines)
  • Assembling the machine and needle selection


Day 3 TrainingStudent Live Model Practical

Time: 9am - 5pm (Bring Your Own Lunch)

  • Homework Review
  • Student mock up practical practice 
  • Live Model Practical - Bring your own model or one can be provided for a small fee
  • Discussion of training and Q&A
  • Issuing of MI Certificates

After the Training

  • Continued artist support
  • Job shadowing opportunities are available 
  • Review of healed work
  • *Apprenticeship opportunities available