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A private personalized makeup class is a one-on-one session between a professional makeup artist Houda and a client who wants to learn how to do their makeup. The session takes place in a comfortable and private setting, within Houda home studio.

Before the session begins, the Houda will have a consultation with the client to discuss their needs, preferences, and any concerns they may have. Houda take into consideration the client's skin tone, skin type, and facial features to create a custom makeup look that complements their natural beauty.

During the session, the she will demonstrate each step of the makeup application process, explaining the purpose of each product and tool used. The client will have the opportunity to practice each step themselves, with guidance and feedback from the artist.

The makeup artist will also provide personalized recommendations for products and tools that are best suited for the client's skin type and tone, as well as tips and tricks for maintaining their makeup look throughout the day.

Overall, a private personalized makeup class is a comprehensive and tailored learning experience that empowers the client to feel confident and knowledgeable in their makeup application skills.


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